Thursday, October 31, 2013

Firefighter Costume

I'm not too big on Halloween and all things spooky (My husband teases me for the way I jump even at the scary parts of G-rated films!), but I just can't resist the sight of little kids dressed up in cute costumes.

I like to be frugal when it comes to things like this (after all, they only wear them for - what, a couple hours?)  Here are Jonathan's costumes from the past couple of years:

2011 (3 months old)
Scored this at a children's consignment shop for a few bucks.
"NASA, here I come!"

2012 (1 year old)
The original plan was to make a Charlie Brown costume...but the shirt I ordered online arrived too late.  As a last-minute resort, I scrambled to find matching daddy-son clothing.  I think I loved this more than any other costume!
"My daddy is my favorite superhero!"

Our church has an event called "Hallelujah Night" as a trick-or-treating alternative on the 31st.  The kids gather together, listen to a short message, sing praise songs, play games, and go home with a stash of candy.

This year (probably the last in which I get to decide how Jonathan dresses), he was a firefighter!

2013 (2 years old)

Here's the breakdown of the costume:

Free from the firehouse's community event a couple weeks ago.

Firefighter Jacket
Doubles as a raincoat on all the days following Halloween. (Our boy loves playing in the rain!)  Purchased at Costco (although I can't seem to find the exact one anywhere online).

Took some fleece pants we already had and added stripes of silver duct tape and yellow vinyl we had on hand.

Bought a thrifted long sleeved tee for a couple dollars.  Using my favorite freezer paper stencil method (as learned from crafty mommy blogger Cheri here), I designed the shirt and painted it.  (Freezer paper stenciling deserves its own post, which is coming soon. Promise.)

A couple notes:
**If I weren't feeling so sick this week, I would have either purchased or made suspenders to complete the outfit.

**Also, I realize that using red vinyl for the pants would have probably looked better.  But since the yellow didn't clash horribly and I wanted to use what we had on hand, it worked. :)

**I'll be back tomorrow with a post about his little sister's costume :)


  1. Wow, I'm super impressed by the precision of the costume! Looks better than what you'd buy at the store!! J looks like a serious, hard-working fireman :)

    1. Thanks Es! They missed showing off for you... He was very serious about being a firefighter and especially wearing the "firetruck hat." That, and he didn't feel like smiling :)