Monday, December 30, 2013

Glad to Be a Mom (GTBAM)

...cuz footie pajamas have never been so much fun :)


2013, you were a good year.  Thanking God for His grace that flooded our lives this past year - and an increase in joy and love that coincided with the arrival of a certain dimple-faced girl I know... :)

Here's to even more love & joy in 2014!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

That Was Fast...

Jonathan and Aug took an evening walk tonight to enjoy both the unseasonably warm weather (70 degree weather in December? I'll take it!) and the neighborhood Christmas lights.

When they returned, Jonathan excitedly reported, "I saw Christmas lights!"

Just to be sure, I teasingly responded, "What about Crickcrum trees?" but he very slowly and seriously repeated, "No, I saw Christ-mas lights."

Is it possible for your heart to simultaneously break (with wistfulness of the fleeting times) and swell (with pride for my growing boy)?

Friday, December 13, 2013

Crickcrum Time

I don't think I'll ever tire of hearing my boy calling them, "Crickcrum trees."  He is so into Christmas trees and lights this year! It's so much fun to experience these new (to him) things right along with him!

Here's a little video I took in the car last weekend. He was in the backseat, playing his BFF's guitar (which he's had for the past couple of months, so he's memorized all the songs it plays).

Bonus - if you listen carefully, you can hear him call it a "Crickcrum tree" at the end of the video :)

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Glad to Be a Mom (GTBAM)

...when I am greeted by this gleeful smile every day. :)  

Baby girl is 6 months old already!

Can't help but smile back...

Sunday, December 8, 2013

On-the-Go Fun for Toddlers

When you have an energetic toddler and errands to run, being armed with fun activities becomes pretty important for keeping your sanity :)

Unfortunately, not every place with a line has a fish tank to keep the kiddos entertained while you wait...
Often, my go-to items are obvious:

1. Ball
2. Books
3. Crayons and paper
4. Toy cars

I'm not sure if this is a no-brainer for other moms out there, but in the recent months, I've also made sure to pack along something else:

Yup. Dot stickers!  306 stickers for 1-2 bucks?  Yes, please :)

These little babies, I've found, are perfect for two year olds' small fingers.

They lift up from the sticker sheet easily, they're relatively large, and they're bright and colorful!
They also have the perfect level of stickiness - enough to stick without immediately falling off, yet not so annoyingly sticky that they are impossible to remove!

As an added bonus, they add practically no bulk to the diaper bag you might be lugging around, which is always a huge plus for me!

Playing with stickers is a great way to develop those fine motor skills!

While waiting at the doctor's office, we stick them all over the exam table paper (it gets pitched after we leave anyway).

We make it a learning activity by counting all the stickers.  Then we identify the different colors and count how many we have of each color.  We also use this opportunity to discuss shapes and identify circles in the world around us.

This is a page from my journal that I quickly made to keep Jonathan occupied during a youth event at church a few months ago.  The goal was for him to place a dot sticker over every circle he saw on the page.

You could probably have a whole sheet of pictures prepared ahead of time, but I had him identify each picture and add a sticker immediately after I drew each picture (to help keep him engaged and focused).

I love these stickers!  When I taught first grade and kindergarten, I always kept them on hand to quickly label things or color code books.

Ironically, I don't think I've ever used them for their advertised purpose (garage sale labels)...but they sure are perfect for entertaining a toddler on-the-go! :)