Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Off the Blog Wagon

It seems that I've lost some steam in blogging these I thought I would just ease myself back in (not unlike the way I used to get into swimming pools) with some random thoughts and photos.

1. We've had a number of milestones around here lately.  Abby recently started rolling over, so now if I lie her down on a floor mat, she's rarely in the same spot a minute later.  To be specific, she's usually on the other side of the room...

Abby turned 5 months last Friday, which is difficult for me to believe!  Tonight she had her first taste of "solid" food.  I think her expression says it all. :)

"Um, what IS this you're feeding me?"

2.  I've always expected the most significant milestones/changes to occur in the first two years, so this third year has been a pleasant surprise.  I think it's mainly because I notice nearly every day the new words Jonathan is picking up.  His sense of humor cracks me up, and so does his laugh.

Reading Blue Hat, Green Hat by Sandra Boynton  (Admittedly, it is a pretty funny read)

3.  A couple weeks ago (right before sickness struck our household), Aug and I explored a new (to us) restaurant for a lunch date.  My fortune cookie at the end of the meal:

When you're in the business of raising kiddos, this can be encouraging to hear.

I actually love the taste of fortune cookies and think the fortunes can be really amusing.  The funniest one I've ever opened said, "Smile if you like this fortune cookie." Ha!

4.  Jonathan has been really into looking through our photo albums lately.  He calls them "books," and I have to smile at the sight of him "reading" our history via photographs.

His favorite thing to do is point to someone and ask, "Who's DAT?"

5.  I love baby cardigans.  And this baby in a cardigan.
What, you don't laugh wildly whilst wearing sweaters?
My brother's mom-in-law, Sherry, is one of the sweetest, craftiest people I know. She's constantly creating things for other people and this little sweater is one of the many gifts she's made for Abby and Jonathan.  I'm so inspired by her thoughtful and generous heart!

The end.  :)

And what about you?
What's the best fortune you've ever gotten from a fortune cookie?


  1. Totally understand - it's so easy to fall out of the habit, especially when life is busy (and/or your whole family is sick). But ease back in with some "Easy To Write" posts, and take it from there. :)

    I think the most hilarious fortune cookies I've gotten have been those distributed at a scientific conference, with all kinds of science-related fortunes (apparently, if you order in bulk, you can write the fortunes yourself): "Your next paper will be accepted without revisions." and "The results of your next experiment will be of publishable quality." and "The next undergrad you mentor will already know how to use a pipet." Science nerdy, but quite hilarious. :)

    1. Thanks for your encouragement! :) And hehe this makes me want to order my own fortune cookies :D I could entertain myself AND did I mention yum? Win-win!